Career advice - Stuck in my current job

Hey all, hope you all are doing well and thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

I am a bit stuck in my career life right now and looking for some new inspirations and advices… as trough the forum already learned so much about investing and stuff I thought it may be the right place to ask.

To my person:
33 y/o
Kid on the way

Current career path (all in CH)

  • Apprenticeship (Automatiker - mix between Polymechaniker / Elektriker)
  • Technician
  • Office as Customer Support Manager
  • Real estate Manager (Sachbearbeiter Immobilienbewirtschafter)
  • Real estate Manager (Immobilienbewirtschafter)

My educations

  • School
  • Apprentice
  • Handelsschule
  • Sachbearbeiter Immobilienbewirtschafter
  • Immobilienbewirtschafter mit eidg. Fachausweis

Salary is not that bad around 80-85k per Year, but could be better… especially with the Kid around the corner.

My problem is that at the moment, I don’t like the position I’m in. I am more on the “front” dealing with daily issues from customers (Mieter) and owners (Eigentümer) but feel like I am more the guy for the back office.

First off all I’m a bit stuck and don’t know what my next career move should be. Do another “Weiterbildung”? Towards what? I actually like the business real estate, but I can think of doing something completely different…of course, salary should then stay the same.

I can also imagine going towards IT as I am good at solving IT related problems and kind of like it. But what job could that possibly be without an education in IT?

I know in these times I should be lucky to still have a job but I am currently not that happy doing, what I am doing now…

Any tipps, inputs, motivations, highly appreciated :slight_smile:


IT without experience or education at your age can be tough. Being good at solving IT problem is unfortunately not enough, and IT support is an entry job anyway that may not be helping you moving forward.

How are you with managing projects? If it’s something that you like and have the correct mindset, you could make a project management certification and tried to move toward a PM/business analyst position in a market related to Real Estate (it’s always easier to find something when you already have a previous experience when you move sideways).
I can imagine a position of junior Project Manager for Offices implementation or in renovation/construction… It’s not my domain so you’ll probably have a better view on that. Within 5-7 years you could have a nice salary bump with that.

Hope it helps.


+1 to the proposed Project management track. Alternatively starting your own real estate business, but might not be the best move when there is a kid on the way…

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Hi ddosh!

Quite an interesting situation for opportunities you’re finding yourself in. Not an easy one to live but one that can lead to very positive developments if handled with a good state of mind.

I think there are two options for that: either figure out what you want your career to be and pursue it with your will, skills and tenacity, or organize your life to fit what you like and be in a good disposition to recognize and seize the opportunities coming to you. One focuses more on the job side of your life, the other on the other aspects of it. I find that being a balanced person tends to attract opportunities, so I’d put a focus on that either way.

That’s not the right way of thinking. If you want an opportunity, you have to create and/or chase it in good or bad circumstances. Being able to stay on track in bad circumstances is what often makes the difference, moreso than good performance in good times, I find.

The difficulties and/or suffering of others shouldn’t prevent you to succeed and shine. You can give back and you can be a good person while others are falling. Being compassionate doesn’t mean sinking when others are drowning, it means having the strength to float so that you can actually help with the situation.

I’d not go for another Weiterbildung unless it’s one that fuels your passions. At this point, your personality is key. It’s who you are you’re going to be selling. I’d think about what I would want to be doing right now, find if I can do it on my own (self-employment or launching your own business) or where such positions are available.

If there are back office positions in your current company, I’d try to talk about it to the relevant person (HR, manager, boss). They may think you’re not suited for it or that there are none available, that’s fine. If, however, you find out that having these kind of talks is not even possible, then it’s time to move on.


They are also having career paths education (can also be completed online and for free)
they have some IT stuff, check out may it will be interesting to you.

you have to upload them all to your linked in profile and may be you will get lucky to get to interview, otherwise you can ask for raise at current job.

good luck.

…late to the party and a bit offtopic, but in your field I think there might be space for disruption…
I had an idea a while ago (and started developing it) for a Software/Site where you can manage buildings for all parties involved. Tenants file requests/ read news, Landlords write news/send information, managers organize/answer requests + a market for repairment etc.

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+1 to that, the real estate management company of our building doesn’t even do videocalls for the yearly meeting of the apartment owners. Seems to be in dire need for some digital transformation.

Based on my experience in one of them, they don’t care to provide a good service. The market in most cities is in their favor.
My current landlord answers my emails always with letters.

Seems like the right place to start. An easier way for him to answer/dismiss any claims. Free for him too!

What would be the business model then?

I didn’t say that no one pays.
they can transfer the cost to you or the artisans pays to be in it.

this is actually a really good idea as myself I am working in a company which is pretty old school (no video meetings, even no business handy…) so as far as I noticed, a digital transformation - especially for smaller companies - is indeed needed…

but that would be a difficult task for me to do, as I have no experience in coding or whatever… but, the idea is great!

Build a team. I’d like to take part to that project since I did already start it a while ago. I’ve already done the “easy” part twice (server). The client is a bit harder. With a small team is doable in few months. The hardest part is probably the one you have to do: tailor it to the real world and find customers. For that you have the network and capabilities.

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