Canada-based ETFs

How abou the Canada based VIU? Gives you pretty much the same than a US Based ex US ETF; yet at further Jurisdictional Diversification?

If you have experience with it, I am going to seize an opportunity and ask what are withholding taxes for dividends distributed by Canada based ETFs? Was reimbursement by a Swiss tax office successful?

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15% of L2 WHT; can be re-claimed using DA-1 and the re-embursements will be granted like (and subject to the conditions of) any DA-1 re-embursements.

I don‘t anticipate material difference among US and Canadian L1 WHT aka a Canadian ETF that holds Non-US Shares probably loses the same amount of non-recoverable WHT like a US or IE one.

Compared to an IE ETF, a Canadian one means that Canada (but not Switzerland) will get the taxes on the first 15%. This is not ideal as I have no appetite to increase a foreign countries‘ tax revenues. Yet, Canada is not that bad I think and as long as there was no IE alternative; I am willing to take this. Compared to an US ETF, the Canadian one migh have a tinily higher Exoense Ratio; yet it shouldnt be a material difference and you get to diversify at least a bit from all the Trump, IRS and Capital Gains Tax risks.


Yes I saw this one, but was wondering about the first hand experience.

Mind if I split out the topic about Canadian etfs?

Good idea to split it out. I do hold VIU.

And I guess it’s not possible to buy CA ETFs at European brokers? :sob:

It works with Swiss brokers, like Swissquote or Postfinance. Suspect that Eu Brokers would face the same challenge than with US ETF. IBKR should work I think.