Can I the total cost of my laptop or only what I paid?

I have a dumb question for which I’m pretty sure I know the answer to, but here it goes.

Last year I started a new job where I have to use my laptop all the time. I had to buy the laptop myself. I traded in my old laptop for it. Can I deduct just the total cost of the new laptop (= price I paid after trade in) or it’s whole value?

Pretty sure it’s just the cost I had after trade-in but I still thought I’d ask.

BTW: It’s a laptop just used for work, altough I don’t know how I’d be able to proof that.

That sounds weird it wouldn’t be something your employer pays for (and accounts as expense).

Yeah, they are not so generous.

You can’t deduct your laptop, since it’s a personal expense. Try to ask your employer for a reimbursement.

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Your employer should pay for it.


One minor detail in that article makes all the difference: it’s about a field representative. Indeed, what they say only goes if you’re forced to work on your own device (for instance, remote or mobile jobs). Companies with BYOD policies generally provide on-site hardware you can connect, like at home. You have no excuse for using your own PC unless you want to work from home, at your discretion. In that scenario, you cannot claim anything from your employer or taxes.

For OP’s question, the retail ‘whole’ value. Trading in is paying.