Buying a house vs. tax at source


we bought a house in July, while still having Permit B. Yesterday I got a letter from tax office, saying: “You have bough a property or started independent activity…” and asking to fill the form “DETERMINATION / MODIFICATION DES ACOMPTES”, where I have to provide taxable income both in and outside my canton. Does it mean that buying a property switches to normal taxation (as I understood getting permit C does) and now I will be responsible for paying my taxes without it being deducted directly by employer?

Normally, the permit B Quellensteuer works the following :
-below a certain amount of wealth and income (depending on Canton), you pay the Quellensteuer and at the end of the year you do a simplified tax return, where you can deduct 3a etc.
-above a certain amount you will still pay Quellensteuer, but at the end of the year you do the full tax return like any other swiss. At the end, the already paid Quellensteur will be deduced from your tax bill.

Until now, are you in the first or second case ?

Normally, you should be in the second case because your wealth should be higher than the limit if you are able to buy property… but again, cantonal stuff.

Best way, call them, normally they are really helpful

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Yes, I’m second case, so I’m sending full declaration anyway. But I was surprised that they sent me this form and I started to think that maybe I will now have to pay the advance tax payments by myself. I guess I will just fill the form and wait what’s next. Thanks!

Mostly, this is to see if there is a big difference in taxable income outside of your normal salary, and avoid a huge surprise (especially for you) with a inflated tax bill.

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Makes sense, thanks for explanation!

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