Broth's Introduction

Hi everyone,

I am almost 40, I’ve moved to CH 7 years ago with -5000 CHF (some debts to my family after the weeding).
6 Years ago, I dream about early retirement (50). My wife and I talked and do a soft budgeting that enabled us to get a full salary saving (living in one salary based).
Kids came and now Early retirement is a bit more challenging, so need to improve my strategy…

I have done a lot of prework, but the one and most important missing investment.
I have a life insurance, pillar 3a… have a good deal with my employer

Currently, I have 200kCHf in cash

Just open brand new my IB and do a test transaction of 1k. ready to invest. Plan to invest 10k per month for a year and then reduce to 2k monthly

1.-Portfolio --> I’ve read the portfolio recommendations. My point is make sense to go firstly to global as specially US will do quite bad for corona or better start first swiss market EFT.
2.- Transfer funds, shall I transfer all cash that I will like to invest to IB and keep it there and invest 10% in a monthly basis (change currency or keep it in CHF and pay negative interest rates)
or keep it in y bank and transfer only what I want to invest

Keep it in a bank. You will get between 0.1% and 0.5% in a good bank.

you said in a good bank. any suggestion?

Currently in a post finance Over the last couple of years I went form free family account being able to withdraw for free while traveling (main reason that I am still with them).

To pay 5 CHF and now -0.17% form 100k (cost me 12 chf last month)`
I thought to create a ZAK temporally or not to shift the money to avoid the post finance fee

At Raiffeisen you can get 0.1% on the savings account if you buy a share of your local bank (200chf but you get a 3%-5% dividend depending on the location). That is the only good-ish bank available everywhere. After I checked, it looks like you can only get 20k/trimester and you get the normal interest rate (0.05%) over 100k.

Best ones are usually extremely-local banks so I can’t really help you. What I did (and what my parents did when I was young) is to open accounts in multiple banks, so the withdrawal limit is “infinite” in total.

If you trust Coop (the shop, not the former bank), you can get 0.2% on their depositenkasse. A bit cumbersome if you can’t reach one since it’s not online. Worse now with Corona around.