Broker "hedging"

Has anyone thought strategies to buy on a Broker and then move to another just to save?

Buy Swiss ETF on CB and then move them to IB? I am not sure if it makes sense though, since on CB you’ll pay stamp taxes as well. I don’t know how much does it cost to buy swiss ETF on CB also…
Another option is to buy Flat-fee ETF on Swissquote and then move them to IB. Swissquote ask 50chf per position though, so you’d pay 59chf + the cost of having a SQ account. Maybe it makes sense if you move millions…

Just a “shower thought”

I have changed broker a few times over the years as my circumstances made it cheaper to use one or another (mostly depending on country of residence and account size). Every time it has been cheaper for me to sell, transfer cash, then buy (split over a few iterations to minimise the risk of being completely out of the market at an innoportune time). There may be cases where transferring the assets directly makes sense but it hasn’t happened to me yet.

I doubt very much you’ll find a situation where it’s cheapest to buy with broker A and immediately transfer to broker B instead of just buying with broker B. Even if you do, I doubt the gain is worth the admin overhead but I am happy to be proved wrong.