Broker account and cash balance at EOY

Hi everyone,
this is the first real message since I joined here into the forum.

I’m playing around a bit with the tax software and broker (IB) reports.
I have tried reporting all positions in the tax software with no problems.
One entry for each kind of security. (i.e 100 KO, 50 VTI, etc)

How do you guys report the cash balance of the trading account at the end of the year?
Do you enter a line into the tax report with “Interactive Brokers cumulative liquidity at EOY” as substance (Steuerwert)?
If you have other positions like “protective puts” open, do you enter them in another line with "Interactive Brokers open positions: cumulative hedging options theta decaying EOY " always as substance (Steuerwert)? :wink:

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

I enter one line per cash currency for each broker, same as regular bank accounts. Combining different cash currencies into a single line (per broker) might also be acceptable.

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Thanks for your suggestion @jay.

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