Best Swiss Neo Bank for withdrawing foreign currencies

More like CAD, AUD and stuff… No that keen on traveling to Africa.

That is a common recommendation.
USD cash is clearly king in the exchange booths of most places, especially the Americas, but I think this thread shows USD banknotes will be “costly” to get hold with your CHF’s. You’ll lose more buying the USD banknotes than you gain by getting a better exchange rate for USD’s instead of CHF’s wherever you’re going.
And EUR gets you only marginally better rates compared to CHF (<<0.5%), so not worth it to change CHF to EUR notes for that “benefit”.
Exceptions apply.

Agreed! Unless you have some leftovers like many people do.

No need to change banknotes! EUR is possible to withdraw in Switzerland, and usually I also have some left.

Last I checked, you can’t get EUR at Swiss ATMs with Revolut, though. Only CHF was offered even though it’s possible to get EUR with a Swiss debit card at the same ATM. It has been a while, though, this may have changed and it may depend on the bank.

And if you have a EUR account at UBS, they charge you 1% of the amount for EUR cash withdrawal (i.e. fees even though there is no currency conversion). This may be better with EUR accounts at other banks.

I.e. getting EUR cash within Switzerland often involves fees (or a bad exchange rate) as well and thus, may not be worth it compared to traveling with CHF cash.

I had a feeling that I was withdrawing EUR with Revolut card at Postfinance ATMs, but now I am not sure anymore. Will check!

I guess you can only have one account per person with Wise (Can I have more than one account? | Wise Help Centre)

I just had withdrawn EUR cash from a Postfinance ATM using Revolut card. The amount was debited and no extra fees in sight (I didn’t exceed my free cash withdrawal limit).

Par contre, when I inserted my Revolut card into UBS and Raiffeisen ATMs that are labeled as EUR distributing, they didn’t even show me an option to withdraw EUR.

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I had the brilliant idea to send a neon card to my relatives in Bolivia for some minor spending (Money to go out for two teenagers) apparently I have not seen the small letters. When they withdraw now small Cash amounts like 30CHF in Bolivianos they (or I) pay a hefty 25% fee. So I recommend them to only pay by card and not withdraw from ATM but that’s not always easy in Bolivia.

Bottom line is Neon is not that good as I have thought to withdraw cash in Bolivia. I doubt that any card is really good to withdraw such small amounts.

So Revolut + Wise card give me 400€/400$/40’000¥ per month?

What is the cost of opening and maintaining this accounts?

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Revolut : something like 7 CHF for the cheapest card, otherwise nothing.

No - you can withdraw much more cash.
It‘ll just not be „free“.

Then again, since you’re asking about costs, you’re not anticipating it to be free anyway, are you?

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Where did you see that 25% fee?


The relatives probably withdrawed more money and told him, there is a hefty fee, haha
Just kidding :slight_smile: It can be, that the ATM-provider has a high fee, if you are withdrawing. I have no clue about Bolivia, but in Japan you can just go to an ATM of a big bank and then there is nearly no fee.

So this 1.5% withdrawal fee is pure luxury and I really hope, that neon exists for a very, very long time.

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Haha the relatives actually are the teenage daughters of my wife’s older sister. And of course they would just withdrawal more money to have a great time. However, I have the Neon card under my name and hence also full visibility about spending’s, but of course I don’t control them. At the end it’s my Christmas git for them which allows them to enjoy their teenage years where otherwise they would just sit at home and watch TV. However, when I last checked the account the amount used was 248.7 Bolivianos and the girls told me that they withdrawal 200 Bolis so I guess 48.7bolis is the “hidden” fee. Or is there any minimum charge at Neon, that I’m not aware of? If that is always the case I maybe switch to WU and just sent them even if the goal would be that they also see that if they spend less in one month they have more the next month (they get 100$ per month for both of them)

I would also bet on the fact that the ATM might had a huge fee. Already fell in that trap. Outside of EU it might not even be that clear at the time of withdrawal since laws about showing fees might not be that stringent.

I wouldn’t trust so much words of teenage girls about how much did they spend. Can’t you see the fee in the statement?

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Yep, and you can have this information here: How to get the lowest fees when withdrawing cash abroad

Sometimes, it’s better to not withdraw any cash at an ATM to avoid “hidden” charge from the ATM :wink:

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I know I will not trust the teenagers who have first time ever access to money :wink:. However, I know from withdrawing a gazzilion times in Bolivia that the ATM can only dispense in 50boli steps (last time checked in September 2021) well it could be that the they now can go with 20 boli steps but even that would be 8 boli at least and hence 4%

It might be the usual annoying (almost illegal imho) trap of the conversion. I was a victim of it (search in the forum). Basically the bank see that it’s a foreign card and offer to do the exchange bol-ch themselves instead of billing bol to neo. You might notice the problem if all withdrawal are shown in CHF instead of BOL-exchanged-to-chf.


That could be indeed the root cause I will let the girls know that they should be aware of that. However, I’m not sure if they understand that. For their first withdrawal they have called me as they never used an ATM before.