Best Swiss Neo Bank for withdrawing foreign currencies

Hi guys

What’s the best (swiss) bank to withdraw EUR, USD, GBP, JPY etc… I have a neon account, but sadly, they don’t offer free or cheap withdrawals in EUR or USD (or any other big currency) at the moment.

Do you guys know any good swiss neo-bank that doss offer that?

Converting the money itself, isn’t a problem. For small amounts, neon is cheap enough for me and for larger ones, I prefer to use IB.

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Withdrawing where? In Switzerland? I don’t think you can find an ATM offering to withdraw anything but CHF and EUR.

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Well that would already be a start. But also foreign withdrawals should be as cheap as possible. Here in Europe, withdrawing EUR would be the most practical.

Neon charges you 1.5% on EUR withdrawals iirc.

I will tell you existing options:

  • Revolut
  • DKB account with an active status.

I don’t think you can find a Swiss bank offering free cash withdrawals abroad. And free also means that the exchange rate is close to the interbanking rate, not with a 1+% surcharge.

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Postfinance EUR should be free. I haven’t used in a while though, so I’m not sure.

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Yes, it is for free in PostFInance ATMs (I do not remember if there is a limit on the others) in CH but not abroad.

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Oh yes now I remember why I don’t use it anymore. The “Smart” packages idea…


source: PostFinance Card in EUR | PostFinance

Does it have to bank or can it also be a credit/debit card? There are some credit cards like TCS Mastercard Gold, which offer free withdrawal from their side.

N26 offer some free withdrawal.

Your bank CHF to IB to N26 to ATM

Although the questioner does not make this a condition, I suspect that both the exchange rate applied and the additional exchange rate fees of this TCS credit card are very unfavourable!

Personally, I know of no Swiss bank that does not charge ATM fees AND applies normal exchange rates (i.e. preferably the interbank middle rate).


Just to clarify: I am primarily talking about getting some cash for holidays where you can’t always pay via card. For card payments, neon is pretty much as good as it gets… It’s cheap enough for me at least.

What I wonder is, if I can get EUR, USD, GBP or JPY f. e. for free or cheap when withdrawing. The problem with Revolut is, that 200$/£ is a very low limit. If it would be 2K, that would be the best option, but 200 is just way to low to be usable imho.

I guess that when you pay large amounts, it should be possible to pay by card. Paying in cash should be a backup option and mostly for small payments. My guess.

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I also think there aren’t much cheaper options than Revolut, Neon, maybe DKB (I know some Globetrotters / Digital Nomads / Permanent World Travellers use it, but I don’t really know if it’s really good - no first hand experience with it).

To be honest, I think if it’s just for holidays, the best option is to become cashless. I’m a frequent traveller in my private life and have been also on lots of business travels and I basically haven’t withdrawn foreign cash for the last 10-15 years and then it even was some exotic currencies such as Hryvna. Especially in countries, where EUR, USD (excluding third party countries which adopted USD as de-facto currency), GBP, JPY is the local currency paying with card shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The problem with cash is not only that it’s very expensive to get, but also annoying/expensive to get rid of it again if you have left over money.

I’m afraid you won’t find that (as easy as you expect at least).

Even Revolut got blocked in some places I went - blocked as in the local banks’ ATMs don’t even open the mechanical slot for the card upon recognizing it, or at best throw out an “error” when you try to withdraw.
Forces you to use your regular debit card or go to the extortionate “Euronet” or whatever they are called ATMs.

Depending on where you go of course, but - I don’t believe you need much more than 200$ of cash / month in today’s (post-covid) world.
And if you need it that desperately, just pay for a month for a higher tier account, which lets you withdraw more for “free”.
With the caveat I mentioned above - check the country you are going to if you able to do so.

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You can open another account at Wise and order a Mastercard for 10chf.
You will be able to withdraw another 200euros by month.

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Paying with card in rural Japan is not really an option… But I guess tanking a 1.5% fee is ok in those cases I guess

I just asked out of curiosity… Sadly we don’t get easy global cash withdrawals :confused:

they are easy, only not cheap ! :grimacing:


I’d say 1.5% on the amount withdrawn is relatively cheap. It’s just not free.

I’ll focus on the “etc.”, and I’m speaking of countries/currencies of more “third world” South East Asia, Central/South America places.
For getting local cash, the cheapest is still to take with a few CHF 100 banknotes and exchange locally at an exchange booth.

The ATM’s in places like that almost always charge an extra USD 5 fee per withdrawal, and limit the amount per withdrawal to a value corresponding to about CHF 100 to CHF 200, so easily another 3 to 5%, on top of the fees your Swiss bank will still be charging you and a lousy fx rate.

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Rather USD or EUR then?