Being a curator (1800 CHF by year by curatorship), any experience?

In canton Vaud (Waadt), you can volunteer to be a curator. Before, you were forced to do it but the law has fortunately changed. Now, you have to be a volunteer.

Task include : some basic bookkeeping, banking supervision, taxes etc… The person under curatorship can be an elderly or a person with some disabilities. I guess the time needed depends of the person itself.

I’m interested, not for the money but more the human contact and the experience to do something meaningful for other human being. My actual job (consultant in a large IT company) is a total nonsense. I have already reduced my rate to 80% so I have some extra time that I can spend on new stuff. The idea is also to have some occupation when the “FIRE fuck off day” arrive (in a couple of years I hope).

Any experience with a curatorship?

Best Regards,

PS : info in French for Vaud : Devenir curatrice ou curateur, ça m'intéresse ! - VD.CH


Hello Tux,
I have a mandat for a curatorship since this year.
So far, very happy with it as it mixes administrative work and human relation. The nature of the job can vary according to the mendat given to you by the justice (cf. types of curatorship, p. 46), the type of difficulties encountered by the person and at what extent you are willing or you are asked to take part in once life situation.
The justice will determine what case you should be given depending on your preferences and professional backgroud (is their a psychic condition that would require psychological/social experience? Is there wealth that would require some experience in asset managment? etc.). But it is open to anyone willing to give some time in helping people that are facing difficulties temporarily or in the long run.
So far, what I can tell is that having ease in administrative tasks is important, as you have to keep track of someones (or more if many mendats) on top of your own admin. This take up some time in the beginning as you have to make yourself known to the institutions the person is connected to (LAMal, taxes, insurances, social office etc.) and to build yourself a clear picture of the “net” of the person.

It can be a great human experience! The curator assessor I got in touch with (the one that lauches the mendat, bringing both parties in touch) is an ex-banker that now gives is time for helping people during his retirement…

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