Bad Deposit Experiences with Flowbank [Rant]

I opened an account with Flowbank just over a month ago. I wanted to add some more funds last Sunday and saw that you could add money instantly with a Credit Card. Monday, the posting with my Swisscard app showed posted, meaning Flowbank had processed the money. Nothing showed on my account though. I wrote a message, got no reply. Tuesday, I rang them and they confirmed the money had been verified by them and they could see it but didnt know why it didnt show for me. I have rung them every day this week, issue not resolved. I have now initiated withdrawal of the rest of my funds (minus the missing money) and won`t use them again.
Question is, what can I do to get my money back? They keep saying they are looking into it and bla bla bla…Bankombudsman & Finma? Anyone else been through something similar?

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