Article in Le Monde featuring Mr MP

The article is in French. It sounds quite positive, with quotes from several bloggers including @_MP. It seems to have sparked a bit of a debate in the comments though!


FIRE has generally been getting a lot of attention in Switzerland over 2019, which is a positive development. One common point of controversy/confusion I’ve come across is the confusion of financial independence with retirement in the sense of becoming a pensioner :slight_smile:. On another level, the FIRE concept disrupts the conventional social structure far more than many of us realize. People who are independent are, well…far less dependent. Most government/social structures rely on maximum dependence. So the controversy comes as no surprise.


Indeed I got lucky to get coverage from the newspaper. I was expecting debate stuff but not that harsh though as being called a “parasite” ^^

There is a paywall. Has anybody access to the whole article?

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