Are there any "remote" (within CH) payroll company gigs for software developers?

I’m talking about the payroll companies who hire you as an employee and put you to work for a bank. They get say 1500.- per day from the bank and they pay you 1000.- per day while pocketing the difference.

My problem is that all these gigs are in Zurich. I don’t want to move to Zurich and I live around 4h return by train from Zurich: it makes no sense to commute. I would be fine going a couple days a month to the office if they absolutely want while working on the train (so something like 4h in the office and 4h on the train), but I don’t want to do it on a regular basis.

Are there payroll companies hiring remotely for this kind of jobs? How do you find them?

According to my experience, such companies (SSII) usually hire you as an employee and sell your skills for 1000/day. So you won’t be the one getting the big money and you’ll be constantly asked to travel and adapt to new working environments.

I don’t know if this is still the case nowadays, but when I received my degree in computer science, people said that if you’re after money, the quickest path was to become a EAP (mainly SAP) expert. Companies will put a lot on the table to hire you, even in “Suisse Romande”…

I wouldn’t call 700-900.- CHF/day little money. If you don’t want to travel around, you can screen for it. Most of the contacts I had was for filling a position for 6 or 12 months at one employer in one specific office. You’re not a traveling consultant living out of a suitcase in that situation.

I loathe SAP and wouldn’t touch it with a 20ft pole. I make good enough money with my specialty (JavaScript, Linux) but if I can get paid twice as much working for a payroll company, why not? I can then work 50% of the year for the same pay or 100% for double the pay and retire twice as fast.

Yes I understand the feeling about SAP and stuff, but that’s a way to get the level of income that you are mentioning. I would not consider Linux and Javascript skills so uncommon that even banks would reliably consider paying >20k/month to a contractor instead of hiring somebody directly.

There are certainly skilled developers that deserve more than the typical 85-120k/year, but HR departments often have trouble realizing how precious they are.