Anybody else practicing Biohacking?

Depending on the sources you read:

High carb - diabetes, cancer etc
High protein - low testosterone
High fat - blood cholesterol

I’m bit skeptical for these prescribed hacks, but I guess moderation and self analysis is the key.

Coming back to what I would personally consider a proper definition of BioHacking:
I take punctually a tab of Berocca Boost to extend (not increase) my focusing capacity on a very demanding work project.
Working out 4 to 5 times a week (split method) I take on a daily basis BCAA to reduce the intensity and duration of muscle aches. With or without, the difference is flagrant.

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Agree with everything but one aspect .

Even if counterintuitive a cold shower is way better before sleep to enhance it.

Most research shows the opposite to be true, however I’m not a biologist and I don’t take showers before bed anyway :upside_down_face:

If you believe this Wim Hof charlatan I am sorry for you…

I think this question of cold-shower or not cold-shower goes way beyond someone that built up a ‘methodology’ to practice cold water immersion. Certainly there is a lot of scholarly research about this… even about the potential of his method in a particular situation… and probably some papers point to changes in the imune system in cold water immersion.

When this type of discussion appears - about this and/or other scientific research - google scholars is a good starting point and connected papers a second nice step. Afterwards it’s a matter of reading the papers, understanding the research, the method, the results, and finally build an opinion on the subject. (Disclaimer: this is a neutral comment and I don’t do cold-showers :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for your concern, really appreciate it :laughing:- But don`t be sorry, I am very sceptical of everything. But tried this and it worked for me. Years of knee pain and shoulder pain, gone in 3 days, no longer showing signs of arthritis in my fingers, swelling gone. No longer get colds. For me it has been life changing, feel 16 again and lots of energy :grinning:

Ah the beauty of the confirmation bias .

More seriously . I would agree that it doesn’t necessarily work on everyone.

Cold shower → endorphine → better sleep .

It works for me and I have never read / watched anything about Wim Hof. I just started randomly by joining friends swimming in Limmat for winter and I didn’t even know there were health benefits !

What I enjoyed the most was the awesome feeling afterwards. So happy and joyful . Like a natural antidepressant.

Also I have been sick quite a few times for taking it too extreme so I am not so sure about the immune reinforcement thing . The issue is that I train 10-12h a week for triathlon and I think jumping too long in cold water if you are already tired is NOT a good thing.

I have some friends who do it and never get sick .

As I said it is better to try and see if it works for you than reading research that has no value .

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