Anybody else practicing Biohacking?

Depending on the sources you read:

High carb - diabetes, cancer etc
High protein - low testosterone
High fat - blood cholesterol

I’m bit skeptical for these prescribed hacks, but I guess moderation and self analysis is the key.

Coming back to what I would personally consider a proper definition of BioHacking:
I take punctually a tab of Berocca Boost to extend (not increase) my focusing capacity on a very demanding work project.
Working out 4 to 5 times a week (split method) I take on a daily basis BCAA to reduce the intensity and duration of muscle aches. With or without, the difference is flagrant.

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Agree with everything but one aspect .

Even if counterintuitive a cold shower is way better before sleep to enhance it.

Most research shows the opposite to be true, however I’m not a biologist and I don’t take showers before bed anyway :upside_down_face:


If you believe this Wim Hof charlatan I am sorry for you…

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I think this question of cold-shower or not cold-shower goes way beyond someone that built up a ‘methodology’ to practice cold water immersion. Certainly there is a lot of scholarly research about this… even about the potential of his method in a particular situation… and probably some papers point to changes in the imune system in cold water immersion.

When this type of discussion appears - about this and/or other scientific research - google scholars is a good starting point and connected papers a second nice step. Afterwards it’s a matter of reading the papers, understanding the research, the method, the results, and finally build an opinion on the subject. (Disclaimer: this is a neutral comment and I don’t do cold-showers :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for your concern, really appreciate it :laughing:- But don`t be sorry, I am very sceptical of everything. But tried this and it worked for me. Years of knee pain and shoulder pain, gone in 3 days, no longer showing signs of arthritis in my fingers, swelling gone. No longer get colds. For me it has been life changing, feel 16 again and lots of energy :grinning:

Ah the beauty of the confirmation bias .

More seriously . I would agree that it doesn’t necessarily work on everyone.

Cold shower → endorphine → better sleep .

It works for me and I have never read / watched anything about Wim Hof. I just started randomly by joining friends swimming in Limmat for winter and I didn’t even know there were health benefits !

What I enjoyed the most was the awesome feeling afterwards. So happy and joyful . Like a natural antidepressant.

Also I have been sick quite a few times for taking it too extreme so I am not so sure about the immune reinforcement thing . The issue is that I train 10-12h a week for triathlon and I think jumping too long in cold water if you are already tired is NOT a good thing.

I have some friends who do it and never get sick .

As I said it is better to try and see if it works for you than reading research that has no value .

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Just saw the commercial of CARE - Blood Test in Switzerland | Preventative Blood Analysis, opinions?

20 seconds read:
How the things will happen, according to that page:

  1. free consultation
  2. they get a blood sample
  3. they analize it and invite you to the second consultation (not free anymore).

No traces of prices. Is it a glorified consultation?
If you want cholesterol test you either pay for it on a pharmacy or get it if you donate to the heart foundation.

Edit: I forgot to mention that they don’t define very well their threatments. I’ve seen a “iron infusion”. What is that? Maybe it’s like the pills you can buy at migros.

It starts at CHF 100 a month: Services / Pricing - Blood Analysis from CHF 150 per month

Wow 100 CHF is not cheap, but it could be a good investment if serious conditions (stroke? hearth attack?) could be avoided/postponed down the line.

Taking a blood test a couple times a year and tracking some key markers can be done easily DIY. I wonder if the “infusions” they offer have some real value.

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CARE is very, very expensive. I do regularly my checks with Walk-in Labor Zürich.
Since I have knowledge about the various medical parameters, I can read the results by myself and run an Excel.

If someone has no clue regarding the blood parameter, Google is very helpful in that way. And if you are completely unsure, you can take the output to your doctor.

I pay the tests by myself and it’s definitely cheaper than CARE. But I like the idea, it’s quite fancy :smiley:

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For now I just do this:

With 60chf or more you get a free yearly test and you help since it’s a donation.


Seems like one can have it for 50chf. Though the leaflet says it takes 20/30 mins while the website mentions 30/40 mins. Wonder if it’s exactly the same.


Looks like it’s the same.
I’d prefer to pay 10chf more and hope they use my money for good causes and not just to pay the pharmacy

Iron Infusion as far as I know it is use to treat “extreme” iron anemia. If it is a bit low normally with the pills or a small doze daily for X days is Ok, but when you are pretty low, normally you get an injection so iron goes directly into the blood circulation

Please keep in mind that cold showers after the gym are counterproductive for hypertrophy and strength training as they reduce inflammation and thus stunt the adaptation response.

Regarding blood tests I think some really important ones that are still not popular enough are insulin resistance (usually via OGTT), free testosterone (for males), and vitamins D and B12.

Regarding sleep I found buying a Fitbit just so I can see the metrics even if not super-precise worked great for me. I am someone who has been nightowling all his life and didn’t think I could do better even if I wanted.


Anyone here have any experience of continuous blood glucose monitoring? Like the kind that diabetics might have (except I’m not diabetic).

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