Any women investors on the forum?

Hi, I’ve been stalking the forum for a while now. May I ask if there are any women investors on this forum? Especially someone living in Canton Zurich – or better, yet near Winterthur?

My husband and I are not as frugal as true Mustachians but we are starting to be more conscious of our expenses, trying to increase our savings for retirement, kids’ future education and to feed our yearly travel expenses. We’ve recently started investing via Viac, Clevercircles (testing it out) and IB. I took an online course with Corinne Brecher and trying out her 3-portfolio strategy (short, medium and long term portfolios, using mostly ETFs and a few stocks)…

Any english-speaking ladies interested in exchanging ideas and investing experiences, do PM me or respond here. Thanks!


Hello Totoro! I am a woman living nearby Zurich and I am the one taking care of our investments. :smiley: It’d be great to chat, feel free to dm me! :slight_smile:


Ok let me be that guy.
Why PMs? Honest question. This is an open forum and if you prefer to PM all your questions you are basically doing a disservice for the cause of more women on the FIRE movement.

I am reading it as a man, I might have missed the reason you ask it. I apologize if I did.

I don’t know how many women are posting here, I think there aren’t many, but tbh most of the time I have no idea if I’m talking to a man or woman. (which is mostly a good thing apart for obvious topics)


I suppose I meant that if someone wanted to exchange contact details or so to chat in real life or WhatsApp (…am I moving too fast?), then a PM would be better. Otherwise, yes do feel free to post here - man or woman!

Just because the ladies I know from my course only all speak German…. And in a personal-finance community that is supposed to be up-to-date, nobody uses IB because they don’t trust how their money and investments could be kept safe out of Switzerland. And they avoid US-domiciled ETFs due to fear/lack of information on the tax implications of non-CH or -IE funds. Although, I do not know why they’re not adverse to US stock picking, for the more risky short-term portion of their portfolios. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Our (hubby & I) goal is not really FIRE - we are already 40+… but it is to know that we have enough money growing for retirement & college education for our two kids; while not overspending on luxuries now such restaurants, holidays and presents! :grimacing:

I hope my kids will be able to get to FIRE, if they continue to grow the seedlings that we‘re investing for them now.


I am a woman and speak English. Not from Zurich/Winterthur though. And our investments are far from optimized