Any Mustachian financial advisers?

Hi all. I have a special kind of issue… I am looking for someone who may be able to help me develop a FI / RE plan and who is true to the mustachian ideals.

Intuitively I would call such a person a “financial adviser” because he would be able to advise me on how to manage my finances. Unfortunately I believe that there are no mustachian advisers around there, let alone somebody who would want to do a one-off job of simply coaching and creating plan rather than actually managing my assets. I am under the impression that all financial advisers want to

  1. sell you expensive and complex products
  2. do a long term job

Does anyone know a Swiss financial adviser that could help me navigate the jungle of taxes, brokers and fees while following the mustachian philosophies and who would be happy to do a one-time job?


I’d recommend to just try the Mustachian-Do-It-Yourself philosophy. We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

Funny, I was recently listening to a podcast talking about advisers at some point and it came to the conclusion that the only right way o pay an adviser in order to guarantee a good alignment of incentives is :

  • either on a per consultation fee basis
  • or with a percentage of the performance of the client portfolio

I do not know personally any financial adviser. BUT i know that there is a lot of knowledge on this forum that may help you significantly. Mustachian Style investing is not really complicated. Maybe if you would like to share a little bit more information we will be pleased to help you!

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That only incentivizes the advisor to take higher risks, unless he’s risking his own money too and would lose some when you do

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Of course the adviser has to have some skin in the game. But let put the question in another way : Should the adviser be paid if his advices do not make the client’s portfolio a good performance? Of course not.

One pricing model I like is the first partnership of Buffett in the 60s:
-He would take 20% of the gains
-But was willing to reimburse any loss that occurs to the client. That’s a hell of skin in the game!

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You are absolutely right! We should learn to do it on our own. I learned how to save on my own, but now I am about to retire and I am afraid I am not doing it correctly and was curious whether there is someone I could just pay to sit at a desk and accelerate my learning.

I will ask in another post.

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i do know that retirement planning is a major product of swiss financial advisors. i believe that there are many things to be considered that noone on this forum so far mentioned. so “investing” chf 500 for 2-3 sessions with an advisor could be quite appropriate. This is for planning 2nd pillar, tax considerations, timing & deadlines, etc.

what you could and should do as preparation is to read up on all the mustachian topics, educate yourself. primarily investing and the mustachian lifestyle. for me it took ~6-9 month until i had a clear picture of what i have, want and not want. this forum will serve you well for this, as well as bogleheads getting started. this should result in you having a personal investment strategy, including asset allocation and your risk tolerance estimate.

with this prepared, you can go to the advisor and have your pensions planned. don’t buy anything off your advisor. let him advise you and do it yourself.

Hi nugget,

thanks for your valuable input. Indeed I know what I want. I have been passive investing, have my fund portfolio, know my asset allocation etc. I know the mechanics. Now due to a sudden windfall I feel I am in a position to retire. This throws me off balance because I start wondering about the impact of capital taxes, second pillars, whether my brokerage account is still the optimal choice.

Expert help would simply help accelerate my learning curve: there are many things that I don’t know and thus don’t even research.

But yeah, I’ll go through all the guideposts and will do a lot of reading! And in the meantime I may consider some “early retirement” counselling - with all necessary precautions.

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ah ok i expected the opposite, my bad! then i guess there is not that much here for you to read up^^

Dear Fork, please feel free to PM me if you don’t mind. Used to work as financial advisor for two decades and structured my own retirement portfolio of which me and my family are living off now.