Amex cashback Duo cards questions

Hello, anyone has the Cashback duo Amex + visa/mastercard? I just got it and tried to register online both card but for some reason I wasn’t able to register the second one. Is that normal because they are linked?

Question two: How do they give you back the cash? They say in a year on the linked account, do they mean the account I had to give to register or should I link an account again?

I didn’t try to register the mastercard. The cashback is a discount on the bill once a year.

They are linked, and you get one bill for both cards.

They most likely will give you back the cashback directly on the creditcard. Meaning it will be subtracted from your current bill or you even get a negative liability (meaning it’s a plus). They for sure won’t pay it out, why should they…

They said something about a linked account, maybe they meant that the amount is discounted from the last bill or just negative for the next bill.

I won’t use the mastercard as well, I have a Migros mastercard and also it gives 0.2 instead of 0.25 of the other offer they have (visa cashback alone)

I use the Amex/Mastercard duo. You only register once for the full account (both cards). There is one bill for both cards, but transactions for each card can be listed individually in the app/online portal. In the transactions tab in the app, just tap the menu icon on the upper right of the transaction list to select the individual card. Transactions for each card are listed individually in statements as well, so you get a pretty good overview of what was done with each card. It would be nice if they had individual overviews of your cash back balances as well. The app/portal are really lacking in that aspect.

Cash back is credited as a statement credit at the end of each anniversary year. If you want to convert the statement credit to actual cash, just use Sonect or Revolut.

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