AHV AHL and the rest

A friend of mine asked me if I know how the various detracttions of a salary are calculated. I was able to find the simplest one (AHV) but I didn’t find for all the others (AHL etc. I don’t remember their specific names).
The confusing part is usually over what they are calculated. AHV is a percentage of the gross monthly slaray. AHL for example is not like that. It seems that it’s calculated differently, especially if you get paid for expeses or when you get a bonus.
Anyone knows a valuable source where to find it? I mostly get sites that tells how to calculate the pension but not how to calculate how much you should pay.


Don’t have a source but can take this view from my own payslip (which may be representative or not, ZH canton):
AHV = 5.3% of Gross incl. Bonus, payout of vacation days, etc. - this per my understanding changes based on tax bracket
ALV = 1.1% of Gross up to 12’350fr.
BVG = depends on employer, fixed deduction in my case ~5%
UVG = for me 0.584% of Gross up to 12’350fr., not sure if it changes
KTG = if applicable, I pay 0.5355% being under a payroll company

There were some other taxes in the past like ALVZ and NBU (for which I don’t remember the translation) but they disappeared eventually.

Would prefer a better BVG scheme but it’s the bare minimum.

Edit: ah, forgot, not taxed at source!

Well the ALV is apparently wrong. It’s not “of Gross”. It’s a complex calculation. Go have a look on all your payslips, especially after the bonus, if you had one :slight_smile:

Mine adds up for ALV.

Is your friend maybe below the treshhold with monthly gross salary? And above it during bonus time? The monthly salary should be annualized for ALV, as well. That’d be the 12’350 CHF cap @lowyield mentions, or 148’200 per year.

Month Year ALV month %
10’000 120’000 110 1.1%
20’000 240’000 136 0.7%

Travel expenses are not part of gross salary. Something like paid housing is.

Note: Before 2023 you’d pay 0.5% ALV above the insured salary.

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I dug up my payslips and I also had similar issues. The thing is that on mine I see that on alv I don’t see travel expenses on AHV but on ALV. He said that on his it doesn’t sum up.
Edit: I’d ask him if the value is 12350 :slight_smile:
Edit2: I’m dumb. It’s UVGZ where I don’t see travel expenses, the rest are equal, but I dig old statements and I also see the different numbers, never that high though.

Doesnt seem to be a complex calculation: https://www.seco.admin.ch/dam/seco/de/dokumente/Arbeit/ALV/Grundlagen/Faktenblatt_ALV-Beiträge.pdf.download.pdf/DE_Faktenblatt_ALV-Beiträge.pdf

A travel expense like a reimbursed hotel night or train ride should not be on your pay slip.

Reimbursments (hotels, restaurants, transportation, …) are on my payslip, in a special category “reimbursed actual costs” that comes after all deductions and isn’t subject to any.

They’re also on my annual salary certificate under the category “13.”

Correct @Wolverine and @Zueritram, reimbursements are computed separately and excluded from deductions.
@ma0 Bonus is included in the Gross in my case that once a year when I used to get it, but it’s also true I never had a payslip below 12’350 so cannot comment on what happens then and there may be differences (#humblebrag)

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I’ll ask to open an account and continue this thread himself. I don’t know what it means “travel costs”, probably the company’s car. From my side I’ve also seen different numbers so I suppose the calculation is a bit more complex than 1/12 salary + 1/12 bonus + whatever * 2.2% or so.