AEK Bank - anyone knows them?

does anyone knows AEK Bank? Amy (positive or negative) experience?

I’ve never had an account with AEK, but have communicated with them and found them to be friendly and professional. I use a different regional non-profit bank myself and am very happy with it.

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which if I may ask?

I saw that in AEK you can request the account online, yet you need to select a branch for finalizing it. it is not yet fully online, and being only present in the Berner Oberland (one office in Bern, all others almost in the middle of nowhere in the Oberland), it becomes problematic for me.

Any one knowing any good alternative for local bank, fully free, fully online?

What is wrong with Raiffeisen or Banque Cantonale Vaudoise?

I am just continuously looking for (better) alternatives everyday…

Plus, I like very much to diversify!
Even if “main stream” (for the mustachian community at least) solutions are today pretty established and good (CSX, neon, Zak,…), I’m just exploring if better or at least equal/comparable solutions may also be provided by smaller competitors. I am pretty sure I am not the only one here…:slight_smile:

Long process and rather poor digital orientation. Many things are still done via paper or agency for BCV and Raiffeisen (my experience).

Raiffeisen defines itself as a “smart follower” in their 2025 roadmap and waits to see what others do before doing it themselves…

BCV being listed on the stock exchange, my impression is rather to satisfy the shareholders by taking as little risk as possible (=minimising investments and maximising profits).

I don’t know of any regional banks which let you complete the full account-opening process online (exception: Hypothekarbank Lenzburg via Neon).

But there are a number which offer free private accounts. For example, I pay nothing for my private account (because I don’t need the debit card, which has a fee), and I even earn some interest on my account balance, which is very rare for checking accounts in Switzerland these days.

For just a private account though, I don’t see much benefit over say, the free accounts from CSX or Yuh, unless you need/want brick-and-mortar banking (which I do). Face to face customer service and the absence of fees for counter/paper transactions and documents is where regional banks shine, in my opinion.

For something like a mortgage, on the other hand, that’s a whole other story. Taking a trip to Bern, for example, makes a lot more sense if you’ll be saving 10,000 francs or more.


thanks for your experience.
Which is you bank if I may ask?

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