Advice for my Mom

Any advice to invest 300k for my mom? She is 80 and will need the money in next 2-5 years I would say.

The local bank she has offers a set of funds but all are very small and TER = 1.6%… I would anyway split the money (different institutions).


Don’t invest in the stock market if the money will be needed in the next 2-5 years. I would suggest only investing in the stock market if the time horizon is 10+ years.


Saving account + a bit Kassenobligationen.


Coop Depositenkasse

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I am not sure if depository protection works with them.

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This is one of those situation that you should be more worried for everything else, I think.

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Are there any other big Swiss companies offering a similar solution?

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I can add Raiffeisen shares.

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The best 2-year medium-term notes (Kassenobligationen) now pay 0.7% per annum. 3-year notes are now at 1.2 percent annual interest.

Alterantively, WIR Bank’s shareholder savings account pays the most interest right now, but you have to buy some shares in the bank.

Investing in stocks for that short term is risky. Government bonds may be worth looking at. Two-year US treasury bonds are now at 3.01% interest.

Yes, that’s happening with Daniel’s site as well. 2y is still at 0.3.
@Daniel, you are watching the intrantet’s version :smiley:

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Thanks for the constructive criticism. Will lay off the links.

As for medium-term notes, at the current time when interest rates are constantly changing, checking what you bank is offering is definitely a good idea, as not all banks openly publish their rates online, and comparisons don’t include all 240+ banks.

The answers of @Daniel are always very helpful and links are useful. If not your comment, I wouldn’t even think about his relation to the website.


I agree with ma0 that I might have been too freehanded with links. It so happens that has a lot of information that is not available elsewhere, or not in English, and it’s easier to link than to rewrite. But a forum is a forum, so I’ll keep links to a minimum.

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Maybe. For me this forum is currently my “smoking break,” without the health cons. I don’t think my employer cares too much one way or the other. It’s hard to keep back info when you know an article that answers a question perfectly, but I’ll keep it in check. But let’s not hog this thread with that, as it’s kind of off topic.

To answer the original question in the thread, I think we all agree that medium-term notes/fixed deposits are currently the better option since the interest rates are back to a non-insulting level. Stocks only really make sense for investment terms of around 10 years or more (5 years at the very least, though I wouldn’t personally recommend it).