Accountant for next years tax return

Hello everyone,

My accountant did my tax return and insisted on using the R-Us164 instead of the DA-1. I explained to her that this was the one people use for claiming the tax back however she wasn’t having any of it. I am using IB have shares in VT and TESLA.

Instead, Vaud have come back to me and said that I actually have to pay more…

Can anyone recommend an accountant in VAUD that is good. I would do it myself but I’d rather save myself the hassle.

Feel free to reply here or DM me

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If you do not have a simple case, there is an accountant behind:

Used it last year and based on their output I am doing my taxes :slight_smile:
Maybe this could be an option?

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In my opinion it’s the best to learn to do it yourself. It’s really not that complicated and with the tax software development in the recent years, it became even easier.

The first time it will be a bit more difficult, but you get used to it quickly and the most time consuming part is gathering all the required documents, which the accountant won’t do anyways. One way would be to let a tax accountant fill it out for you once and afterwards you do it yourself, based on the one made by the accountant.

An accountant is a waste of money for this, except if you have a really complicated tax return, which is mostly not the case for an individual with a few shares and maybe a house. More often than not you’ll spend more money on the accountant than the accountant is able to save taxes for you. There’s no magic tricks that an accountant can do to save you taxes.