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Is anyone actually using https://www.captrader.com/ ? Very few messages mentioning about this broker recently and nothing specific.

Is it because there is nothing to complain about? “No news is good news” case?

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Dr. PI

One downside is that it’s in EU, so no US ETFs by default.

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At CapTrader you can, depending on your permanent residence

  • open an account in Ireland if your permanent residence is within the EU (EEA) - IBIE
  • open an UK account if your permanent residence is outside the EU (EEA) - IBUK

Do you have your permanent residence outside the EU (EEA) and live, for example, in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia or Great Britain? Then please click here to go to the deposit insurance information page for the IBUK Account.

Liechtenstein is actually in EEA. So it would be to good have a feedback from people with an actual experience.

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Looking at their contract, it seems that they use Interactive Brokers services. They act as intermediary.

I don’t see the advantage of adding “a middle man”. I would open an account directly with IB.



Yes they are.

Avoiding monthly fee from IB.

I might, but first I want to check available options.

And for now this is my preferred option.

Different pricing - no minimum commission.


Their commissions pricing looks similar to the “Fixed” option available at IB. Same pricing on several markets, more expensive on other (i.e Switzerland with a higher minimum), while other have no maximum (i.e. maximum of EUR 29 for the French market on IB).

The US market is twice as expensive on captrader. They charge 1 cent per share with a minimum of USD 2 (maximum 1%). IB will charge half a cent per share with a minimum of USD 1, maximum 1%.

Their forex commissions are higher too at capetrader (higher spread and minimum order).

Not sure it’s cheaper at the end. What is saved in activity fee (IB USD 10 less commissions) would be spend elsewhere with capetrader.

Where? I need 1-2, max 3 transactions (US, maybe EU, definitely not CH) per month.

Ok, it is a microoptimization, but still I am curious to know other’s experience.

Higher commissions on trades and FX with captrader.

Does it worth the few dollars saved every month? That’s up to you. Using Swissquote these days, you shouldn’t be afraid of USD 10/month (less commissions) on IB.

I’m not convinced this kind of penny savings will make a difference in a long term investor journey.

If after your comparison and trades simulation, this platform is cheaper than IB, that’s good for you.

I also read the same question in a discord group.
This YouTuber (that normally makes serious reviews) posted this video on CapTrader.
Anyone has any experience?

Avoid IB monthly fees and Degiro’s fees on distributing dividends seem to be 2 strong reasons to try it (as a second basket for the eggs?!).


Well, no, it is the same basket as IB, just differently decorated.

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True. It was a Degiro’s perspective input :slight_smile:

… Only 2 reviews at Trustpilot for a company founded in 1997.

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