A savings account with Neon?

Also their comparison they have for DIY investing is pretty unfair in my opinion, for a 10’000 CHF investment they talk about 40 transactions per year, that’s more than overkill.

Indeed. I guess 1-2 transactions are more realistic for 10k CHF. 0.6%-1.2% sounds totally ridiculous to me. For less than that you can already get a discretionary mandate with a professional wealth manager (ok transactions not included but still), and tell them you only want that sustainability stuff in your portfolio.

If I would care for the sustainability stuff I would probably just go with ESG ETFs.

For Inyova ? I just created an account, but not started anything yet. However, there is a buch of filters you can use to choose in what businesses you want to invest (eco-responsible, cruelty-free for animals, low-carbon, etc).

I don’t know much about all this but I’ll look into it before throwing all my savings at Inyova if you tell me there’s better for less :wink:

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