A new low commission 3A/3rd pillar ETF solution from VIAC


the announced features are here


VERY neat and quick. The overview on the website with the list of available funds / etf has also been updated.


finally it is there. i was looking for it! checking the details now…
who’d like to refer me? :smiley:


Me! It requires a mobile number. Feel free to DM me :slight_smile:
Edit: I have two referrals left, just DM me


I’m a happy customer and would gladly refer anybody who wants a reduced fee… Contact me


I just made my own portfolio, feels great :smiley:
I’d also happily refer anybody who wants to have a reduced fee.


i just thought the saving possibly becomes CHF1500*0.0072=10.8CHF p.a., compounded at 5% and 30 years results in just below CHF 1000.

ok i will also refer from now, gladly^^


I have also tested the VIAC app, seems very good and has some nice features, in addition I’ve had some contact through the chat function with a great response.

I would be interested if there a Mustachianpost consensus on a strategy now that its possible to select your own portfolio?

Swiss allocation and the rest in World (ex CH)?


for my viac portfolio i picked

30% SPI extra
2% SLI or SMI (cant remember)
5% swiss real estate
30% CSIF world ex CH, unhedged
20% CSIF world ex CH small, unhedged
10% EM
3% cash

goal: long term (35y) maximal returns.
i didnt put lots of thought in it, i am curious what others have!


Nice Portfolio nugget, but it adds up to 105%?

I chose a similar Portfolio:

35% SPI extra
2% SMI (because SLI has 0.2 TER)
35% CSIF world ex CH, unhedged
15% CSIF world ex CH small, unhedged
10% EM
and the mandatory 3% cash

Whats the deal with swiss real estate, is it worth it?

My strategy will be to create 5 portfolios, not sure if I will go with one strategy for all of them or vary a bit.

EDIT: I went with the SLI after all, TER is not worth looking at with an allocation of 2%. I prefer the SLI in this case because its capped


I have a Degiro account with a mix of small/mid/large cap US markets, emerging markets and developed Europe ETFs.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

17% SPI extra
20% SMI ( exactly because SLI has 0.2 TER)
40% CSIF world ex CH, unhedged
20% CSIF world ex CH small, unhedged
3% cash

goal: long term (35y) maximal returns.


Since you are forced to have 40% swiss equity, I would always max out SPI Extra with 35%
Why? Because the SMI is terrible with (a) only 20 companies and (b), Nestle, Novartis and Roche making up ~60% of the SMI. imho in terms of diversification the SPI Extra is the best offering covering swiss mid and small caps. Plus you get access to swiss small caps, not something you get easily as a retail investor I think.


Are you guys already rebalancing to this Individual strategy or are the posted strategies just “the plan” at this point. I am/was looking on doing a rebalance now (end May), but can’t find the possibility on the App, apart from the standard strategies.
PS I’m an existing user and also open for referring others :wink:


I didn’t find the feature either…


I switched my strategy and It’s going into effect tommorow.

You guys need to have the latest version of the app and then go to the box “Strategie” > Strategie anpassen > Fokus anpassen.

It should be there.


You are correct Joey, The SMI lags the others according to JustETF data (lowest plot).

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:


Yep was just looking at the same chart :grimacing:

But watch out! the fund you have, iShares Core SPI is not the one you are invested in with VIAC.

Take a look at this: https://www.six-swiss-exchange.com/downloads/indexinfo/online/share_indices/smi/smifamily_factsheet_en.pdf

The iShares SPI covers almost all listed swiss stocks but the Top3: Nestle Novartis and Roche still are a huge part of it

What VIAC is offering is the SPI Extra, basically the SPI minus large caps. So you dont have this problem with the Top3. You cant see this fund on justetf.


Yes, excellent point.


yes, SMI/ SPI are poorly diversified, but at my 2% allocation the big 3 might be 0.6% each of my portfolio which is really no problem.


I hope the tickers are correct :wink: bit tricky these SMI/SPI/SLI
Seems the SPI Extra is interesting (this is from 2014 as per just ETC), similar outcome if you go back to 2010.

Maybe interesting…