A new low commission 3A/3rd pillar ETF solution from VIAC


Well looking at the last 10 years, it clearly favors the US stocks, but nobody knows what the future will hold. I personally have gone for an allocation roughly like this:

35% SPI Extra
2% SMI
3% cash

35% World exCH
15% Small Cap World exCH
10% EM

You can drop emerging markets for US if you want.

Only cash is insured up to 100k that is correct.

The actual shares themselves under swiss law are segregated and held in your name. (in the case of VIAC they are held at Credit Suisse)

In case the broker goes bust, technically you should get access to your shares so no insurance is necessary. see here for the source: https://www.esisuisse.ch/


Hey Joey

Thank you for sharing your portfolio, this one is very well done! I’m either going to do yours or this:

35% SPI Extra
2% SMI
3% cash

35% S&P500
20% World ex CH Small Cap
5% Emerging Markets

The total fee is 0.50% + 0.05% product costs.


Hello @VIAC, any news about the Web version ?

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2nd Pillar returns

Hi there
Have been reading the mustachian post for the last few weeks. Stumbled on it when looking for information on the 3a pillar. I am really interested in Viac and would be very grateful if somebody could give me a referral code.
That would be great.
Keep on with the super posts, it’s all really interesting for me as a newbie.


you can use my code: icHSMn

2nd Pillar returns

Hi mbaluda
Thank you very much. Going to do it straight away!
Have a lovely sunday.


Hello Mustachians,

I just discovered this forum today and have read through this thread and some others tonight. I planned to start a third pillar this year and have just created an account with VIAC. I too was hoping that someone could provide a referral code?

Either way, I enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more.


Hi. I have just sent you one.


Hello community, I am about to create a new account at VIAC, does anyone have a referral code to share with me by chance?
Thank you very much in advance.


Hi. I have just sent you one.


Thank you very much for the code ChikenFat!



For those who need a referral code please find below :


if they are already used, do not hesistate to check : https://forum.mustachianpost.com/t/viac-third-pillar-referrals

2nd Pillar returns

Quick question: Are there any downsides to opening 5 accounts with VIAC right away? I currently don’t have any pillar 3 account.

There are two things I could think of:

  1. VIAC charges 300.- when you want to transfer to another bank. Could it be, that it’s 300.- per account? So transferring 5 accounts would then be quite expensive with 1500.- CHF.
  2. When withdrawing early for a mortage, can multiple accounts be withdrawn or just one? I would guess that multiple accounts can be combined, but have no idea…

Or put differently: Why would anyone NOT want to have 5 accounts and have the added flexibility?


Hi magic_unicorn, the VIAC FAQ states " Are there any fees for deposits or withdrawals? = No. Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge." Where did u read about a Fr 300 fee at VIAC? Greetz.



Sorry I misread. The 300.- are only for early withdrawal. But still…
source: https://viac.ch/en/faq-all/are-there-any-costs-involved-in-closing-or-in-the-case-of-early-withdrawal/


Hello everyone, I am also about to create a new account at VIAC for me and wife, does anyone have a referral code to share with me ?
Thank a lot!


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Please use other people codes, my 3 codes were already used.


Thanks Karol, I used 6quqve


Here are my codes:

  1. Cu4Igv
  2. SGEMa8
  3. ZYER8z