4G Router Recommendation

Hi everyone!

I will be moving to a new flat and want to avoid getting the added expense of a WiFi.

Since I can get an extra SIM card for free, which 4G router are you using that you can recommend?

Btw, thank you MP for the tip found in your book!

I have one from Huawei. Totally happy with it. Don’t buy a Netgear, the connection was not stable.

Awesome, thank you for the feedback!
Would you mind telling me what model it is?
Thank you in advance!

In case you’re interested I’m selling my Huawei E5785 new for 80.-

I bought it precisely for this, because I had an extra sim card from Sunrise, but they explicitly forbid 4G routers so they throttle it like hell. Not use for me, so happy to sell it if it can help someone else.

(Hope this doesn’t go against the rules, please do not have any pity with me if it does!)

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It’s a Huawei B525 - guess there is a newer model available.

If you value speed: check 5G coverage in your coverage and get a 5G router. It’s an order of magnitude faster in my real world experience (went from 20 to 300 Mbit). They are still a bit expensive but you can get one off ricardo for maybe 30-50% off

But consider sticking with cable/fiber, it’s pretty decent and cheap in most switzerland. Those 300 mbit i have are fairly bursty. Fiber is the way to go for a stable 1 gbit connection

For the budget conscious you could also tether from your phone to avoid the cost of two sim plans. Wifi tethering universally sucks (100ms+ pings thanks google), but USB tethering (or those new USB C <-> Ethernet dongles) is very, very decent

I have a AVM FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE.

Very satisfied.

Btw if you have a Fritzbox already you can connect a normal USB 4G stick to it and it will use that for internet.

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If you have already opened and tried your router before (such that you would not lose any value in doing that again), as well as you are slightly tech savy enough, you may want to try this trick to bypass the detection of using a 4g router (using an android tether is similar enough to a 4g router for the purposes of this test).

No guarantee it would work, but it’s worth a shot if you want to give it a go.

Thanks for the tip, @capito27 ! However I thing they really detect the device since when I tether with my Android device I experience no throttling.

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