3rd pillar investment solution from VIAC [2023]

I have a question !

At the moment, I have 4 accounts open in VIAC. I’ve invested each year starting in 2020. So I “bought” all the funds from CS in 2020 and have a positive return for this account.

Now, if I switched to Swisscanto on the next trading day, it would impact a bit the performance as I will not bought these funds at a price higher than in 2020 right ? Or would it be not so important ? Just trying to better understand the consequence :slight_smile:

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next trading day is next Tuesday 21 of march, so it’s gonna be wild until then…

I don’t understand why some of you think that the negative news for CS has any impact on their mutual fund prices? The price of these securities is based on the underlying investments of the fund and has absolutely nothing to do with the CS share price (apart from indirect effect due to CS itself being one of the underlying investments, which is also the case for other non-CS funds).


I have the quality fund - so I trust they are not one of the underlying investments.

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Maybe some folks are just happy to contribute to the drama and help with having CS fail in a big way by helping draining it?

(also agreed it’s a mutual fund for long term investment, personally as long as there no kind of fraud I don’t plan to switch)

The amount of money you have won’t change, be it realized or unrealized gains or losses. Then you are switching to essentially the same basket of stocks, maybe just the same. Sure there could be some fluctuations in either direction, you pay the spread, but afterwards you have the same amount of money invested in the same stocks.


It is above all a question of principle and consistency. I read some people here who openly spit on CS and their way of doing business but are happy to use the 1% cashback cards from Swisscard (== Credit Suisse). You have to know; happy or not happy?

Mutual fund or not, I think it’s smart that Viac and Finpension let you choose the fund provider. Does this really have an impact on the performance of the fund? I don’t think so.

To each his own, and fortunately not everyone drinks from the same glass. It takes all kinds to make everyone happy.


Am I the only one that just doesn‘t do anything and keeps the CS funds?


Im not moving, i have 160k splitted in 3x Global 100 @ CS

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I’m sticking to CS funds, with the exception of Swisscanto EM fund where the performance has been better compared to CS equivalent (see finpension thread for comparison).

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Btw when using 100 strategies, the 1% has to stay cash and can’t be moved to bonds. This works only for lower shares-% strategies so don’t try to find it in the UI


is i really worth it to go into obligations right now? The return seems really low (ok, also the risk but your “cash” is then locked".

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Another positive element of the recent VIAC announcement is the fact that they’ve lowered the maximum administration fee to 0.40% from previously 0.44%.

It seems that competition in this field (Truewealth entering the market, finpension lowering their fees last year) has an effect here.


I agree to first order. However if CS goes bust there may be some consequences to holding these funds even if you eventually get all the underlying assets back in full e.g. trading being frozen while the company is wound down (I don’t know if this would actually happen, just speculation that there must be some temporary negative consequences).

Any additional risk of holding CS funds vs any other more stable back should be reflected in the relative prices, even if they are holding the same underlying assets, to reflect e.g. the risk that your supposedly-liquid asset may actually be illiquid for a few weeks/months.

Repeating caveat to avoid flame fanning: I don’t know if this would actually happen, I’m just making an educated guess and seeking input from others on this forum.


As I understand it, deviating from the NAV is not possible for open-ended mutual funds.


from this post in November 2022, it seems that there are less TER fees with Swisscanto but is it still the case?:

“The main difference is in favor of Swisscanto. Indeed, all their products are at 0% TER, while for Credit Suisse, there is one of their products that is at 0.09% TER. But considering that it only represents 10% of the “Equity 100” portfolio, it’s not that much.”

Other good things coming out of these news are that there is a new Commodities fund (from swisscanto) to which up to 15% can be allocated.

Also, with 2 gold funds, it is now possible to reach 15% total gold allocation (they don’t let us take 10% of each).

Also apparently a possibility to get to 99% non-cash vs the previous 97% (if I am not mistaken?).

Viac just improved their conditions again, see email:

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Gosh …
Again people consider the 3rd official language in switzerland the least important and gladly sh*t over it.
It so annoy me… I’d love if companies get fined when they don’t consider the minimum check on their translations…

“Blunder” of the day:

Apparently “Viac Globale 100” costs 99%. Ouch!


No, you’re not. All my 3a funds at VIAC or Finpension are CS and I am fine with that. I would even buy some more CS shares if I had some cash on the side.

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