3rd pillar investment solution from VIAC [2023]

It was Postfinance and they paid on the very last working day of the year. This would have not gone through in time with most banks.

Postfinance this year states that you need to pay latest on the third last day of the year. I assume this was the same in 2017 when this case happened.

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Is there a way to see your top10 holdings in Viac’s app if you go for an individual strategy? (Getting a bit uncomfortable with diversification in my global100 portfolio for the Swiss assets for my remaining Viac holdings and would like to tweak that).


No, the top holdings are not shown in the app. It shouldn’t be very difficult to create such a list on your own, though, especially if you set your strategy to roughly match a combination of VT + Swiss indices (which is what I do for the stock portion of my VIAC strategy).

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Thanks. That feature would have been neat, though (finpension offers it for example).

Yeah, I’ll go in that direction as you described (VT + rebalanced Swiss indices or perhaps some additional hedged World ex CH).

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Hi folks,
Happy New Year!

Logging into viac today, I see that they bumped up Global 100 from 97% equity allocation to 100% allocation.

What’s the community’s take on this?
With this change, does viac once again beat finpension to be the most mustachian 3a offering?


For me, not with their limitations on the portfolio composition.

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What specific restrictions are you talking about?

Viac is increasing competitiveness.

Great for those having a default shares only plan, mostly irrelevant for anyone who is already with Finpension. They already have this.

I’m pretty sure it’s about the limitation of maximum 60% foreign currency (minimum 40% in CHF).

Not for me. I have a 3a account with both Viac and Finpension.
The 97% to 99% increase in stock ETFs with Viac doesn’t move the needle for me.
ETF selection is similar to (I prefer the one at Finpension).
The major drawback at Viac is the 40% minimum invested in Swiss Francs.


I have 4 custom strategy with Viac, so I’ve amended it to increase my share exposure manually to 99%.

I have the same drawback for Viac as I do not like to invest into CSIF World ex CH hedged - Pension Fund Plus ETF to go around the 40% chf investments.

Having lost trust in the Viac solution due to the FX issue I discovered, I have decided to leave them in the meantime. I have switched to True Wealth and have shared my experience in the other thread for those interested:

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Good news, i received a notification from the VIAC app informing that the fees for the 100% Global strategy will decrease to 0.40% starting from 1st March.


Just in


Is someone moving to Swisscanto to avoid exposure to CS?

Discussed in the Finpension thread :+1:

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I, for both VIAC and Finpension.

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Does anyone know if there is any downside to switching at the moment?

E.g. I could imagine that there is a discount applied to CS funds atm, so that selling them to buy Swiss Canto funds could result in some loss. Should be easy to verify by looking at comparable funds but I’m too occupied to do this myself atm so hoping someone else can verify :sweat_smile:

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The funds have subscription and/or redemption spreads. Check the factsheets. That should be the only cost.

These are mutual funds, not ETFs. You buy/sell them at NAV (+/- the defined spread mentioned above). There is no market price where there could be a premium or a discount. And even if these were ETFs, I highly doubt they would trade at a significant discount as it would open up arbitrage opportunities.

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There are ETFs managed by CS, anyone wants to take a look if there is a discount ? :smiling_imp: