3A Tax refund lower than previous year. Why?

Hi all,

EU citizen living in VD. B Perimt.

So 2018 was my first participation in 3A, filled the full amount. And got about 2000chf back (yay!)

2019, filled the full amount as well but I passed the threshold (120k) for simplified tax return so had to do the full tax filling. I just got the money back but it was only ~300chf.

Was the change somehow already incorporated by my employer or did I mess up my tax filling ?

Thank you for you help!


Hello - difficult to know without knowing more details, but probably means that the “other” deductions that you filed as part of the tax return for 2019 were lower than the “standard” assumed by the tax authorities when you are taxed at source. Or you might have omitted to claim some of the other deductions you are entitled to.

Another possibility is that you were subjected to higher taxes by filing the full return (for instance wealth tax not considered if you are at source)

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What’s your city tax rate vs. the cantonal average? When I was taxed at source, I always had to pay a bunch more than withheld due to that.

So I just had the person on the phone that reviewed my tax filling to give me an explanation.
Turns out that getting through the 120k mark and moving from the simplified tax filling system to the full one is a “bad deal” as you move taxation bracket system also.

I filled everything correctly otherwise so there is nothing else to do.

Oh well, at least I didn’t have to pay more!

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Not sure, my employer was quite good at calculating everything. Never had to pay anything back.

What I meant is for once you pass the filing threshold, for me it was always below my actual liability due to Zurich taxes being higher than the cantonal average, a similar thing might be happening here since you passed the threshold.

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