28m - Illyria introduction

Hi everyone :slight_smile: ,
I’ve been following this forum for quite a while, hence I decided to properly introduce myself instead of just lurking in the shadows.

I’m a 28 year old single male and I’m living with my parents due to their health conditions. I struggled with finding a steady job as my original career plan was abandoned when I realised that I hate it (teaching). Nevertheless, I started investing in 2019 though I made a lot of rookie mistakes and bought way too many single stocks just for their dividend. Since January 2020, I’ve been working in a steady fulltime position at a large multinational company. My current salary isn’t great though the pay raise from last year to this year was good. I’m saving about 70% of my net salary and I’ve maxed up the 3rd pillar with VIAC last year and I’ll continue to max it out every year.

I’m using Swissquote and unfortunately I only started investing into VWRL last october. I just buy it each month when the paycheck arrives. Eventually, I intend to move to IBRK though I’m not sure what I should do with all the single stock positions I build up earlier (20) as I don’t really wanna pay the transfer fee.

My current net worth (Swissquote, VIAC, 2nd Pillar) stands at 68K compared to 0K two years ago.

At the moment I’m struggling with whether or not I should decrease my savings rate, move out of my parents house and gain quality of life or if I should continue living with and supporting them, thereby allowing myself way more than I could by living on my own. The thing is I’d absolutely love nothing more than moving into my own flat closer to my work place (2 hour commute each day) even if I couldn’t save as much as I can right now. However, I feel terrible for wanting to abandon them as one of them will die in the next couple of years and I’d like to spend as much time as possible with them before that happens.

I’d appreciate advice on investing and well life decisions such as the one just mentioned.


Welcome to the forum.

Sell the ones which are at profit, move the money and buy VWRL instead?

Ouch been there, moving closer to work or getting a job closer to your place might be options to consider. I eventually halved my commute by buying a place more or less in the exact between my parents/friends and job.


Hi Illyria and congrats for getting on the path you seem to be on!

I’d not make this a financial decision. If you can financially move out, and it seems you can, then it’s a pure matter of what life you envision for you and for them.

I’d say it’s important that they are taken care of, but my family has a history of having some of their members sacrifice themselves to take care of their parents and I can’t vouch for that life either. I’ve come to think that, if I can’t simultaneously ensure that my parents are being taken care of and I have a future for myself, then my own future should be prioritised in a “push it forward” kind of thinking. I’d sacrifice for my children more than for my parents.

That’s my way of thinking, though, and it doesn’t necessarily applies to your situation. I’d search someone I can talk about it and figure out what I want to do. If they have special health conditions, then there’s probably some health official (their doctor, an association) to whom you can talk and ask for what their needs really are and how they can be fulfilled with you not at home to take care of them.

Wishing you wisdom and fulfillment on your way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome on board. 100% agree with all was said above.

Consider also that the first 100k saved are often the most difficult one as you start, then 1m and etc. being at home enable you to create a nice cushion / investment base. However, as you mentioned there are other things involved. Some times decisions are not only financially driven…

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