1st regular declaration (C permit)

Hi guys,

I flipped to C permit last October and I am a bit lost with the tax declaration and I wonder if you can help:

  • Can I deduct medical expenses from another country (dentist)?
  • Do I declare the entire year, or only from October (when I stopped being taxed at source)?

I’ve been reading quite a lot already but any tips are welcome (I live in Geneva).

Couldn’t find a similar topic, point me if I missed it.


Medical deductions vary from canton to canton, I only know the rules for Vaud.

Regarding the taxable period, however, I can confirm this will cover the whole fiscal year from January 1st. You will be able to indicate your at source retentions as “acomptes”.



You can deduct medical expenses at your charge in Geneva (even if foreign bills). You’ll simply have to convert from EUR to CHF using the rates here https://www.ge.ch/taux-donnees-fiscales. For income, annual average FX rate is used. It is widely accepted by the Geneva tax authorities.

Keep the medical bills/proof of payments. They can be requested by the tax authorities.

You’ll find all the information you need for the filing in this tax booklet: https://www.ge.ch/document/guide-fiscal-2019-particuliers

and the GeTax software is easy to use and gives information/tips in each section.

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Thank you both for the valuable information!

I’ve done the most part but still have some doubts:

  • the donations, can I deduct 200 per person, including childs without need of proof?
  • don I need to declare the value of my car?
  • for the professional expenses part below, looks like for IFD you can pick “frais forfaitaires” and still deduct some “real expenses”, is this ok?


Hi Lumo

  1. you’re right for donations. Keep the proofs of payment. Can be requested by the tax authorities
  2. yes. accepted practice is to start with the purchase price and apply a 20% depreciation per year starting the 1st year. If you have a old car with a small residual value, I won’t report it
  3. you’re right for IFD, both can be requested. For ICC, it is one of the other.
    You can claim the frais effectifs if the commuting time from home to work > 30min one way by public transport.
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hi @Guillaume_GVA thanks again for your input. I think I couldn’t have done it without your help!

I have read around here that the 200 per person for donations are an acceptable deduction “forfaitaire”. I don’t really give money to charities, only clothes really :sweat_smile:

ok, I guess my 10 year car is worthless then

In some canton, they won’t ask for receipt for some amount, it’s not the same as a deduction “forfaitaire”. (And depending on your ethics it is or isn’t ok to deduct that if you haven’t actually donated anything)

Depends on canton, you should follow your canton’s tax manual. ZH’s rule is to apply 40% depreciation per year from purchase price. You declare purchase price and year and 0.6**(years of ownership)*price as value. So, basically after 8-10 years of ownership the car would be almost entirely written off and that’s OK.

I was describing the practice in canton of Geneva.
Market value is accepted as well as the depreciation method

Anyone knows the rules for car depreciation in Vaud?